Other Support

Although the other pages on the website capture the details of the most frequently requested services, I have been asked to provide a wide range of other support to schools and clients.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss any of the areas listed - or indeed if you require support for business management or governance that isn't mentioned.  If I cannot provide support personally I can normally help with signposting to other services or suppliers who will be able to help you.

Service review/procurement.  Client schools often want to review aspects of their operations and are looking for advice on their current function and options for future delivery,  This can include developing in house provision, partnerships with other schools or contracting with the private sector.  Examples where specific reviews can be undertaken include human resource provision & support, payroll services, facilities management, catering, cleaning services, grounds maintenance and clerk to governor support.

Restructuring and Redundancy. Whilst schools are able to source advice on processes to be followed through their HR provider, support with conducting structure reviews and devising, applying and assessing skills audits is less developed.  Often the HR support provides the framework for schools to follow but lacks the organisational knowledge of how to apply the framework in a school setting.  This can be crucial especially where the person leading the process may have limited experience in such matters or where the process is being applied to an area of activity where they may not have detailed operational knowledge.  The engagement of suitable external suport can also be helpful in demonstarting impartilaity through the process.  Support can be provided with reviewing staff structures, devising and applying skills audits and can also extend to producing materials for and/or attendance at Redundancy Hearing Panels. 

Strategic Budget Review.  The benchmarking and analysis undertaken goes beyond that normally provided for schools in the detail and level of analysis.  Using a range of software and tools to look at both staffing and other expenditure to help you to get a better understanding of your current costs so that you can consider how well they reflect your priorities.   We can also look at the quality of longer term financial projections to enable you to take strategic decisions based on the best possible information available to you.

Financial Health Check.  The person working on the budget in schools can be in an isolated position.  Often there is no-one else in a position to understand, support and check their work to the level of detail needed to provide assurance.  This can place undue strain on an individual and  present significant risk to strategic planning where consequences of an error can be substantial.  Unfortunately there are also occasions where individuals have misused this situation and although other audit procedures can detect misuse and errors, it is often too late and the impact of recovery is significant.  I can offer a financial health check based around a number of checks and balances that ideally should be in place in all schools and advise on an approriate framework of checks to be maintained.  Whilst no system can detect all errors or omissions, regular application of these checks can reduce the risk significantly.

'Professional, good humoured and down to earth.  You have given us plenty to think about and we really appreciated you sharing your expertise and practice with us' -  Business Manager, Secondary School

'Proved to be a real asset to the College because of his assured knowledge and authoritative grasp of what is needed.  Displayed excellent interpersonal skills' – Principal, Secondary School.

'Graeme can always be relied upon to provide considered and measured advice - his is a sane and calm voice that enables systems to be quickly put in place to support pupil learning' - Headteacher, Primary School